Our Advisors

The success of each and every concern, business, or charitable entity for that matter is largely determined by the people responsible for overseeing the functions and maintaining a close watch on whether each organ of the organization is performing the role assigned to it. If the organization is performing its functions, then whether it is doing so atleast, in the optimal manner.

CAN Foundation is privileged to welcome on board Advocates par excellence, having more than Fifteen years standing at the Bar, and are visible faces in the legal universe. Apart from being the over-seeing body, they perform one other extremely vital function which is, to serve as the link between the Foundation and the Senior Advocates or other Advocates. It is with their help that the Foundation will be able to expand its reach and be able to bring on board, other lawyers who will help the students working for or associated with any of the projects of the Foundation. We are honored to have, as our Advisors, Senior Advocates Mr. Vikramjit Banerjee (Additional Solicitor General, Supreme Court of India) and Mr. Gopal Sankaranarayanan.

Additional Solicitor General, Supreme Court of India

Senior Advocate, Punjab and Haryana HC

Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India