Our Projects

Project Eklavya

CAN Foundation is a philanthropic initiative, founded and operated by alumni of various NLUs, aiming to help deserving yet underprivileged students across the NLUs to pursue their education and co-curricular endeavours.

Project Kautilya

A teacher, Guru or advisor is one of the main reasons for the success for each and every one of us who has achieved something.

Project Dhananjay

An exemplifier of hard work, grit and dedication, we know Dhanaanjay as the third son of Queen Kunti,and a dear friend of Lord Krishna.

Project Paritraan

CAN Foundation is pleased to announce “Project Paritraan”. The word “Paritraan” refers to the act of giving a person protection in its greatest form. The project seeks to achieve the same by assisting students & alumni of National Law Universities, who ma