Mr. Abhinandan Mishra

  • Mr. Abhinandan Mishra

Mr. Abhinandan Mishra

I graduated from NLIU in 2006, following which I moved to Doha as a journalist. After a short stint there, I came back to Delhi, where I joined United News of India and then Press Trust of India, as I prepared for my civil services.

In 2008, I got into SBI as a Probationary Officer, a place where I stayed for 2 years before moving to Indian Navy's JAG department.

Not finding solace even there, I moved back to Journalism in 2011 and ever since then, I have been working as a journalist. The life of a journalist is perhaps as exciting as a lawyer practising in the court of law, if not more. The opportunities and scope that you get to help others or bringing in a change in the society is the same in both of these profession. And that is the reason that I have managed to stick around in this profession for almost 10 years now.

The 5 years of time that I spent in NLIU taught me, among a several things, how to coexist, dig out your own space in a world where every individual has his/her own aspirations. The competitiveness that one sees in a professional life, we witnessed that in NLIU immediately after completing our schooling. The bonding that I met with some of my classmates, juniors and seniors has become more strong today.

NLIU, which as a word encompasses the teachers,seniors, juniors and friends, taught me and probably all of us, what to expect in the world outside and how to prepare for it, both professionally and personally.