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Project Dhananjay

  • Project Dhananjay

Project Dhananjay

An exemplifier of hard work, grit and dedication, we know "Dhananjay" as the third son of Queen Kunti,and a dear friend of Lord Krishna. His archery skills are legendary, but they did not come to him overnight. His eye was always at the eye of the bird, or the fish in the pond, which in this case was the coveted title of 'The Best Archer in the World' or 'Sarvashreshtha Dhanurdhar. His commitment to beingthe best had led him to take the hardships head on, and surpass them to come out on the other side,even stronger. Dhanaanjay was first name of Arjun in the order of all his 10 names, (viz. Vijay,Shwetvahan, Phalguni, Kirti, Vibhatsu, Sabyasachi, Gunakesh (one has won over his sleeps), Parth,Jishnu, Kaunteya) had earned a distinctive name for himself in mythology not because he was a royalblood, but because despite being so, he was able to achieve victory over all those encounters of life,which bring a person down in life.

The reason why "Dhananjay" has been chosen as the name for CAN's Graduates project, is exactly that-him being the embodiment of hard work, grit and dedication. This project is a one of its kind initiative wherein, the Foundation wishes to encourage fresh graduates to join litigation right at the threshold of their professional lives. In acknowledgement of the hardships faced by new entrants, particularly but not limited to first generation lawyers, both in case of finances and connections, CAN will invite applications which after verification and interview by an independent panel of eminent lawyers and academics will be paid a monthly stipend. Some of such candidates may even be placed with lawyers with roaring practices and Senior Advocates.

With the opportunity and means provided, CAN hopes that the such newly planted graduates in legal field will try their level best to emulate the values of "Dhananjay", with their Iris always focused at the mark, that of excellence at the Bar and contributing to the nation.