Native Place: Ranchi, Jharkhand

Academic Record: (6th Semester) – 7.85/10, (5th Semester) – 7.68/10, (4th Semester) – 7.56/10

Attendance Record: Cumulative Attendance for 7th Semester is 76.90%.

Fees: Rs 1,72,000 + 20,000 p.a.


Anwesha hails from the Naxalite area of Palamau in Jharkhand. Anwesha has never had it easy, firstly because of her family conditions and secondly because of her determined approach towards life. She lives in a family of four: with a mother who is a housewife, a father who is a contractor and a younger sister a second-year B.Com. student. Her mother suffers from depression and insomnia and undergoes treatment regularly. Her family lives in the house owned by her father.

Anwesha has received the traits to fight against difficulties from her father, who came out of that Naxalite area to settle and work in Ranchi. However even though he couldn’t find a job, he didn’t lose hope and thereafter he started working as a Contractor. Her father is the only bread earner of the family and the total family income is Rs. 2.5 Lakhs per annum, and as mentioned by Anwesha the expenditure against this income is around Rs. 2.3 Lakhs per annum which includes house rent, LIC premiums, sister’s college fee and other expenses. Her college fee for these four years of her Law School was paid out of savings and borrowing, she mentions in her application that they couldn’t take an Education Loan because there is already a mortgage on her house for her father's business of Rs. 12 Lakhs which is being repaid through instalments. She is no stranger to the Foundation either, as being the meritorious student she is, she had received an amount of Rs. 1 Lakhs from the CAN Foundation last year.

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, a serious cash crunch is being faced by her family. Her father who is a small contractor did few projects for the Government of Jharkhand and the payment for the same is still in the pipeline and there is no hope that he will get the payment anytime soon. Considering her mother’s health expenses and now this cash crunch, her family has been forced into severe financial hardship and have been struggling from the same for over a year. Further, she has to pay the university fee for the Academic Year 2020-2021 which is Rs. 2 Lakhs (approx.) but there seems no way out for the same.

Amidst all the problems happening in her life Anwesha never gave up on her aspirations. Being the strong independent woman that she is, to manage her own expenses she provided tuitions to students, but unfortunately could not continue with the same due to her law school engagements. Anwesha is a hard-working student, she loves basketball and at one point in time, she was a district-level basketball player. Determined to become a Judge, she is constantly fighting against all the impediments and crawling up the ladder each day. She has been among top 6 rank holders of her batch. Apart from scoring well, she has also participated in lots of Moot Court Competition and her team were adjudged as runners up in DSNLU CCI Moot Court Competition, wherein they also secured Best Memorial Prize. She also excels in her writing and research skills; she has got her research work published in Madras Law Journal, Practical Lawyer and AIR.

Anwesha’s case is a fit case of Financial Hardship given the meagre family income and all the problems that the family is facing. Being a hardworking and determined student, Anwesha seems deserving of receiving a scholarship from Foundation. She is clear in her goals to be a Judge to serve the society and also to be a constant support for her family.

Taking this candidate’s determination, and never-give-up attitude into consideration, CAN Foundation selected her as an Eklavya Scholar under the ‘Hardship Category’ after she fulfilled all the required criteria to be an Eklavya Scholar. Anwesha, undoubtedly, is a multi-talented student, who deserves to be an Eklavya Scholar.