Native Place: Nagda, M.P.

Academic Record: (6th Semester) – 77.30%, (5thSemester) – 76%

Attendance Record: (6th Semester) – 96.84%, (5thSemester) – 100%

Fees: Rs.2.4 lakhs per annum


“While I never define my obstacles as failures, I mark my success by my repeated perseverance through adversity”, these are the very words by which Ayushi lives. A 4th year student at NLU Nagpur, Ayushi belongs to a lower-middle-class family. With her father working for a private company holding an unstable job and her mother working as a government teacher, her family income ranges from 5-6 lakh per annum. She also has a younger brother who will soon commence his higher education.

A meritorious student with an excellent track record in both academic as well as co-curricular activity, she is amongst the top 20% of her batch. Her sincerity toward work is evident from the fact that despite the hectic schedule that NLU’s tend to have, she has somehow managed to maintain her attendance above 95% for the past five semesters. Moreover, she has been an active participant in different mooting as well as ADR activity, like the GNLU Moot on Securities and Investment Law in her second semester. A promising student, she has displayed leadership skills through different initiatives she undertook in her University ranging from President of Social Service Club to head of PR team at her University’s maiden Sports Fest- “SARAMBH”.

With keen interest in corporate law, she plans on pursuing it as a career post-graduation. To enhance her career prospects in this field, she has also interned with prestigious corporate law firms where she worked in a high-pressure environment efficiently. Moreover, her experience includes working as a content writer for online websites and formulating logical reasoning reading material for CLAT aspirants to supplement her university education. She has also her most admirable trait is the fact that she tries to learn from every hurdle that she faces, whether it be her Moot on Securities law in her second semester itself or lack of resources to fund her education

Ayushi has a bright mind and is completely dedicated to excel not only in academics but in co-curricular activities too. She actively participates in mooting and other competitions like Negotiation-Mediation. She wants to pursue her career in corporate law. However, due to lack of resources to fund her education and economic status, she has faced quite a hardship. Thus, CAN Foundation feels proud to fund her education and give her wings to fly by shortlisting her as an Eklavya Scholar under the ‘Rewarding Excellence’ Category.