Bharat Saini

Bharat Saini

Native Place: Sirohi, Rajasthan

Academic Record: (6thsemester)-70.90% (7th semester)-74.50%

Attendance Record: Aggregate attendance of 6th semester is 92.00% and for the 7th semester is a stellar 97.00%

Fees: Rs.2,08,726(per annum)

Bharat’s application is one of the most appealing ones that we have received so far. He has gone through extreme hardships and continues to endure the same to ensure good education. His father is a retired government employee, who derives a pension, which is Rs. 30,000/- per month, is the only source of income for the family. Unfortunately, Bharat lost her mother in 2008.

The total annual income of the family is 2.5 lakhs. His father has taken a loan of 7.5 lakhs from PNB in 2016 for ensuring his son’s studies, with yearly installment of 1.5 lakhs. Apart from above-mentioned educational loan, father has also taken some personal loans to meet day to day needs of the family. He has 2 unmarried brothers one of whom is studying, and both are dependent on their father. His uncle, whose auditory and speech senses are completely impaired since birth, is also dependent completely on his father. His uncle also went through a gallbladder surgery in August,2020 the expense of which (Rs.1,25,oo lakh) was borne by his father alone. Bharat himself had to go through two major ear surgeries because of serious complications in December, 2014, in respect of which the medical certificates have also been attached. Bharat could not pay his fees for the academic year 2020-21, which was demanded by the university in the month of August, as a huge amount of money had to be spent on his uncle’s surgery. He is a bright student and has received the Shri Ram Jethmalani Scholarship for year 2018-19 of Rs.50,000. In his write up he mentions that he cannot even afford the travel expenses along with other expenses that one has to incur during his stay in college.

He has not let his financial hardships come in the way of his studies, he has interned in the offices of Additional Advocate General and a senior criminal lawyer.

Bharat’s Case is a fit case of Extreme Hardship. He is in need of financial assistance in order to pay his fee for the Academic Year 2020-2021. The fact that his father is a retired army official and they had to take some personal loans to meet the daily needs of the family, underlines the difficulties that he has faced in pursuing his studies. With candidate’s father being the sole bread earner of the family, who has 3 sons and a brother who is dependent on him, he has to go through extreme hardships to make ends meet. It is important to note that nothing could deter him from working hard and believing in himself. Bharat is a very promising student which is reflected by his outstanding attendance record and his scores.

The CAN Foundation endeavours to foster the potential in students from across the NLUs. In our assessment of Bharat's application of Bharat we realised, he is an asset, one that we are proud to welcome under our umbrella. He is thus shortlisted to receive financial assistance under the ‘Extreme Hardship’ category in Project Eklavya 2020.