Native Place: Vadodara, Gujarat

Academic Record: (3rd Semester) – 71.83% (2nd Semester) –72.33%

Attendance Record: Aggregate Attendance for the 3rd Semester is 93.40% and5th Semester is 84.9%.

Fees: Rs.1,55,370/-Per Annum


Ishaan is a true example of what a leader looks like. Ishaan lives in a family of 4 which includes his mother, grandmother, his elder sister & himself. Sadly, Ishaan lost his father in 2016, and since then his mother is the sole breadwinner for the family. She works as a teacher at Delhi Public School, Harni wherein she earns less than 3.5 Lakhs per year. His family does not possess a good deal of savings and do not own ancestral property. However due to the sudden demise of his father, his family was forced into financial difficulties as he used to be the sole earner of the family, before his mother had to take up the responsibility of maintaining the entire family.

From the letter of recommendation of the Vice Chancellor, it is clear that Ishaan is extremely diligent and sincere. He has worked for the success of various college events and volunteers in several Pro bono programmes of his University. Further, Ishaan has also volunteered with various NGOs and has assisted in teaching differently abled students all the while spreading awareness about Thalassemia.

Ishaan mentions in his writeup that he got through paying the first two years of his law school fees (amounting to around 2.23 Lakhs p.a.) through security investments owned by his Grandmother and his Grandfather. However, he exclaimed fear at the fact that it would be incorrect to rely on it for the entirety of the 5 years, as it might not suffice and thus, he was looking for scholarships. To aid other expenses along with University fees, he has relied on the help of relatives who have lent him money on good relations. Further, in 2020, owing to COVID Pandemic, his mother has had to take a salary cut and thus he is in need of a Scholarship.He possesses strong leadership qualities and works for others. He has not availed scholarship from any other organisation or source.

Ishaan wants to prove to the world that the demise of his father and the resultant economic instability his family is facing can in no way be a hindrance for him to achieve his goals. Considering Ishan’s leadership qualities, diligence and sincerity, CAN Foundation is proud to shortlist him as an Eklavya Scholar under the ‘Hardship Category’.