Native Place: Datia, M.P.

Academic Record: (6th Semester) – 76.05%, (5thSemester) – 75.50%

Attendance Record: (6thSemester)- 93.25%, (5th Semester)- 100%

Fees: Rs.2,00,000 (approx)


Medha is an example of how a person’s hardwork and determination can make anything possible. Her father is an LIC Agent and used to earn a minimal amount of Rs. 1.5 Lakhs per annum while her mother is a housewife. In her writeup Medha explains that due to the COVID- 19 Pandemic, her family’s income has crippled and she is in dire need of financial assistance. Her father’s income for 2020 is reduced to only Rs. 34,000 per annum due to Covid Pandemic. This amount is extremely difficult to pay the fees for both her and her younger brother who is also studying. Medha explains that even the Education Loan which she had been relying upon may not get sanctioned this year, as her father is unable to pay the interest on the Loan. Further, her family has already taken loans from various other family members and cannot afford to take the same again.

Medha wishes to serve the society and wishes to become a Judicial Officer to serve the society, to ensure that justice is delivered at the base of the Judiciary. She is determined and hardworking and her grades have always been on the rise ever since her first year (with the notable exception of Semester III, wherein she suffered from Typhoid). She has submitted a well written document explaining what the Eklavya Scholarship means to her wherein she notes that the Scholarship not only would enable her to complete her legal education but it would also ensure that a deserving candidate enters the judiciary and helps countless families by improving the access to justice.

While Medha admits that she did receive a scholarship amount of Rs. 50,000 called the Ram Jethmalani Scholarship from the University, she submitted that it would not suffice as the fee structure of MNLU Nagpur for 4th Year would be around Rs. 2.5 Lakhs, as per the Fee structure attached and with her father’s crippled income, even that amount would not suffice to pay the fees. Further, as the bank has threatened to not sanction the loan amount, she would be forced into a very difficult position wherein her education would be affected adversely.

Her family’s income is a very minimal amount which too has been significantly reduced and her brother’s education is also ongoing. Medha is quite a hardworking and diligent student. She is determined to serve the society and wishes to become a Judicial Officer. Considering her dedication to ensure access to justice, she has been shortlisted for the CAN scholarship under the ‘Hardship Category’ owing to her present economic hardship and inability to pay her college fee.