Nikhat Jamal

Nikhat Jamal

Native Place: Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

Academic Record: (7th Semester) - 7.60/10, (6th Semester) – 7.67/10 (5th Semester) - 7.67/10

Attendance Record: Aggregate Attendance for the 7th Semester is 71.75%. (It is below 75% because the Candidate in the said semester had participated in two Moot Court Competitions, on account of which she had to take necessary leaves.)

Fees: Rs. 2,05,000/- Per Annum.

Nikhat is one of the most deserving candidates out of all the candidature that the Foundation received, her story is one of the most inspiring and it surely teaches us that we need to embrace pain, hardship and burn it as fuel for our journey. Born and raised in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, Nikhat faced hardships at every single stage of her life. Her mother is a house-wife, her elder sister is married and she also has a younger brother who is pursuing his Bachelor’s Degree from a State University with a subsidized fee and gives tuitions to fulfil his personal needs. Her father was the sole bread earner of the family, who passed away in the year 2015 due to a cardiac arrest; he was employed at the post of In- charge (Accounts) in the Uttar Pradesh Food and Essential Commodities Corporation. Her father passed away while in service and post that the total family income is Rs. 18,936/-, which the family receives in the form of monthly Pension of Rs. 1578/-, which is barely sufficient to meet all the necessary expenses. As such, they struggle to make their ends meet.

All this adversity did not deter Nikhat who knew that she could make something of herself with hard work, zeal and dedication. She has been a focused student right from her School days and till now in the university. She has been the batch topper consecutively for 4 years of her Law School as also mentioned by the Vice Chancellor in the Letter of Recommendation, she is currently in her 5th year and the Foundation believes that she will come out with flying colours this year too. Further, she has been actively involved in co-curricular activities and has participated in various National Moot Court Competitions. She had won the Best Mooter and First Runner-up award during the National Moot Court Competition 2019, organized by Indore Institute of Law and had made it to the quarter finals during other National Moot Court Competitions including the 8th RGNUL Moot Court Competition, 2019.

Nikhat’s Case is the fit case of Extreme Financial Hardship and is in need of financial assistance in order to pay her fee for the Academic Year 2020-2021 which is approximately around Rs. 2.3 Lakhs. After the demise of her father they got Rs. 12 Lakhs as a claim against Life Insurance, Gratuity and Provident Fund. First four years fee of her Law School @ 2.3 Lakhs per annum was paid using the above-mentioned amount. The said amount was also being used for other essential requirements of the family. Her family has so far been able to meet their financial needs somehow by making use of their savings and whatever amount they receive as family pension, but now all the money is drying up and she therefore seeks this financial assistance.

Nikhat is a bright young mind who values dedication and commitment to her goals. The CAN Foundation is humbled to be a part of her journey by providing this Scholarship. Nikhat satisfies our criteria and qualifies as a case of ‘Extreme Hardship’ . She has thus, been shortlisted by our Selection Committees to receive the Eklavya Scholarship