Riddhi Khandelwal

Riddhi Khandelwal

Native Place: Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Academic Record: (4th Semester) - 8/8 (79.5%), (3rd Semester) – 7.33/8 (74.92%), (2nd Semester) – 6.67/8 (72.54%).

Attendance Record: Cumulative Attendance for the 3rd Semester is 98.23%. (Attendance of 4th Semester is not to be considered because this particular semester comprised of both physical and online classes and marks for the same were not given by the university.)

Fees: Rs. 1,42,850/- Per Annum

Riddhi Khandelwal is a vibrant student from National Law University, Odisha. Her parents got divorced in 2003 and since then her mother is the only bread-winner of the family. Her mother works in a private company and her total family income as per the records attached in the application is Rs. 2.8 Lakhs per annum, which is not sufficient to make the ends meet and her family is somehow managing it.

Riddhi mentions in her application that there were times when her family faced extreme financial hardship and thus faced difficulty in paying the fees during her school days which has now arisen for her graduation course. Ridhi is confident and determined; she believes that she can achieve anything in life if she puts her heart and soul into the work. Further, she also believes in everlasting growth and constantly works towards self-improvement. To supplement her university learning, she has participated in a few debates and moot court competitions and all the while maintaining a very good academic record. She has maintained an average of 7.33/8 CGPA throughout her semesters in college and an attendance record of 98.3%. Riddhi’s case is a fit case of Extreme Financial Hardship and requires financial assistance to enable her to pay the fee for the Academic Year 2020-2021. The Fee for the first two years of her Law School which was Rs. 1.81 Lakhs (approx.) per annum was partly paid out of her mother’s income and partly from borrowing. Paying this year’s fee which is (approx) Rs. 1.4 Lakhs has become an uphill struggle because of the Covid-19 outbreak which has crippled income and therefore she seeks this financial assistance. Riddhi’s academic record surely portrays that she has got all the potential to do well in life ahead. Fighting through all the difficulties since her childhood Riddhi has come a long way.

Riddhi's acumen despite her hardships is heartening to witness. She has not just fulfilled the required criteria but also satisfied us that giving wings to her aspirations would be an exercise in the enrichment of the legal fraternity. Hence we are proud to announce Riddhi Khandelwal as Eklavya Scholar under the case of the ‘Extreme Hardship’.