Native Place: Gwalior, M.P.

Academic Record: (4th Semester) – 76.90%, (3rdSemester) – 71.83%

Attendance Record: (3rd Semester)- 98.56%, (2nd Semester)- 100%

Fees: Rs. 1.48 lakh (approx)


Ritvik is a very passionate and hardworking student and his story surely tells us one fact straight that there are no shortcuts, if you want something; you’ll have to work for it. Born and brought up in Gwalior, MP, he decided to go out of his home town to do law fighting all difficulties.

Ritvik lives in a family of four with his mother who is a house wife, his father who is a Criminal Lawyer in Gwalior and his grandmother. Ritvik’s Father is the sole bread earner of the family. His family income is around Rs. 2.4-4 Lakhs per annum in last three financial years. The income of his father is not enough to run a family of four considering all the expenses, but his family is managing by cutting on to expenses and using the income very judiciously. His father only deals in Criminal Matter and due to the rural client base he is paid less. His family lives in a house owned by his father, the house was built by taking a loan from bank and the instalments of the same are being paid every m0nth. His Grandmother does not keep well and recently had two major operations, which was a blow on the family income and savings. His father, the sole earner of the family, unfortunately met with an severe accident in 2012 and had to get 24 stiches; but by God’s grace managed to survive the fatal injuries but in the process all the family saving was exhausted. Since then his father also is not keeping well, doctor recommended some surgeries but considering the current financial condition they cannot afford that.

All the hardship didn’t deter Ritvik from performing well and being the best version of himself. He has been scoring very well and he is also very active in extracurricular and co-curricular activities happening in and out of the university. Recently he has won Surana and Surana National Trial Advocacy Moot, 2019, one of the prestigious moot court competitions of the country. He also possesses good writing and researching skills; and has had his research published in reputed law blogs of the country like; NLIU, NLUJ Law Review, Taxmann etc. It is very clear from his efforts that each passing day he is working towards his goals. All the difficulty that he has faced since childhood has made him a strong and mature individual.

Ritvik’s case is a fit case of Financial Hardshipconsidering the mountain of financial and non-financial problems that the family is facing. After this lockdown his family is surely going through tough times and as he mentions in his application that is it very difficult to make the ends meet. First two years fee of his Law School was paid out of the fixed deposit, savings and borrowing from relatives. Fee for Academic Year 2020-2021 which is Rs. 1.5 Lakhs (approx.) is yet to be paid. They thought of getting a loan but they decided not to keeping in mind the home loan which is still being repaid. He mentions many instances where the family faced financial hardship. He therefore needs help to pay his college fee.

Ritvik’s life, as a law student, seems to be a stellar example of what having determination in the face of adversity can achieve. The CAN Foundation after recognizing Ritvik as an extremely talented student, who is good at curricular and extracurricular activities, is proud to shortlist him as an Eklavya Scholar under the ‘Hardship Category’.