Native Place: Jaipur, Rajasthan

Academic Record: (8th Semester) – 72.30%, (7th Semester) –72.80%

Attendance Record: Aggregate Attendance for the 7th Semester is 93.43% and6th Semester is 91.76%.

Fees: Rs. 90,500/- (Odd Semester only)


Vijay is a diligent and hardworking student. He comes from a family of 4 consisting of his father, mother and elder brother. His father is a farmer while his brother is a lab technician. The combined family income of his family is around Rs. 1.2 Lakhs p.a. Vijay in his writeup mentions how during his joining of college, his family had a savings of only Rs. 50,000. This forced his family to take a loan from village money lenders, as he could not approach Banks for an Education Loan as he did not possess sufficient collateral. Finally, in his second year one bank agreed to sanction his loan without any collateral but which would pay only 69% of his fee, with the rest 31% being paid by his family. Further, even his brother is often unable to sustain himself on the salary that he receives and he often has to secure income from his parents to sustain himself.

Additionally, Vijay had to work at various CLAT Coaching institutions to sustain himself. However, this year this was not possible due to the lockdown that was imposed and the postponement of CLAT 2020. Alongside this Vijay mentions how the price of agricultural produce has largely remained constant while the cost of living in cities has increased. This has affected both him and his brother adversely as they both live in Mumbai, which is notorious for high cost of living.

Vijay also highlights the mental stress that comes with borrowing money alongside the interest that is created on the amount. It is a very difficult situation but one that he has to take on as he does not have any other option currently. Last year Vijay had received two scholarship amounts of Rs. 87,000 & Rs. 40,000 from Tata Education and Development Trust Mumbai & Foundation for Excellence India Trust Bengaluru, which clearly shows that Vijay is otherwise indeed meritorious.

Vijay has proven to be a consistent student throughout his curricular and co-curricular pursuits. Despite all sorts of barriers, financial and otherwise, he devoted continued efforts towards his education through financial assistance availed in the past year through two scholarships. Considering his present adversities, CAN Foundation has shortlisted him as an Eklavya Scholar under the ‘Hardship Category’ as he completely justifies it and is worthy of the same.